New Kit Arrives

Quark bits

CNC Laser Cut kit from Island Models

The kit of the 2m Quark arrived from Fred at Island Models today. Looking forward to building & flying this, but there are a few other things to be built/repaired before I get to it!

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Good Thermal Comp last Sunday

Great Open Thermal & Electric competition with NIMSA last Sunday. Didn’t fly well, very out of practice, but had a great day anyway.
Electric comp was first one using the new height limiters – excellent way of levelling the playing field as everyone starts at roughly the same height.
Roll on two weeks time and the next comp. Maybe I can finish better than LAST!

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Open Class Thermal

Frantically needed a model for this weekends Area Open Thermal Champs, I decided that the fastest way was to repair my old Diamond Cloud. It needed a new fuselage and a repair to a wing. Pics of current position below:


Side view of the fuselage. Needs shaped and covered


Top view of fuselage

Below is the wing repair. I had to scarf in a top and bottom spar at the root end. Obviously this area takes a lot of stress on a winch launch, so I strengthened the joing with Carbon strip and wrapped it with kevlar thread. Pic below shows the wing with the leading edge sheeting added. Some capstrips and sheeting still to be added and then replace the covering


Hopefully it will be finished for this Sunday’s event!!

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Slope Flying with the East Antrim Cluub

Had a great days craic yesterday flying with some of the members of the East Antrim club. Woke up feeling lousy, back & neck both sore and generally rough. Almost decided not to go, but really glad I did.
Louden & Wilson Blair both let me fly lightweight models that were old free flight designs, sorry can’t remember both names, one was definitely a Soarcerer, but can’t remember the other.
Flew the Windrider Fox that Richard Boyd passed on to me. First time I’ve had it out in suitable winds. It performs really well, even for someone who’s as bad a flyer as me!.

Wayne managed a few flights and seems to be picking things up quickly. Still refuses to fly other peoples plane though!

Al in all a good day out and I slept really well last night afer a hard day on the slope!!

Sorry, no pics

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Phase 5 FINISHED!!!

Finished this about a month ago, but still to get it flying! The weather just refuses to co-operate when I can get out



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Phase 5 Continues!!

The Phase 5 now has all its’ major components finished bar covering, so I couldn’t resist a bit of “bench flying”. To my mind the 5 has nicer lines than the 6 and being full house should be a better allrounder

Bench flying the Phase5

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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and plenty of flying in 2012

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